Demi-Pointe Dancewear

The best kinds of businesses are ones that grow out of other businesses!

Take Tutu Times for example; it grew out of GC Dance when students parents kept asking me for adult ballet classes. Imagine if there were no Tutu Times community? I don’t even want to think about it – I need you guys!

That’s why I think it’s so cool that Tutu Times ballerina Virginia has created her own dancewear brand called ‘Demi Pointe Dancewear’ since starting adult ballet classes.

Virginia saw a gap in the market and started creating handmade skirts, tops and accessories for all body shapes and sizes and styles of dance. This is fabulous because most dancewear is created for children and (teeny tiny) professional dancers.

If you see a beautiful skirt in the studio, it’s probably one of Virginia’s.

If you saw the (stunning!) skirts on our beautiful Adult Ballet Company ladies at their Gold Coast Eisteddfod performance… they’re all by Virginia.

I suggest you crash tackle her at class (or if you don’t know who she is, I’ll point you in the right direction) and demand one of her beautiful creations immediately!

In Virginia’s own words…

Born out of a need for plus sized dance skirts, Demi Pointe Dancewear caters for standard sizes and curvy sizes up to 3XL.

Our Demi Curve skirt range is cut longer and lower at the back to flatter dancers with hips and bums in four different sizes – from a curvy-er cut Large – Petite Curve, 1XL- Demi Curve, 2XL – Eleve Curve, through to 3XL – Rond Curve.

Adult regular sizes are also popular for their slightly tulip cut hem which is flattering on any figure. Extra small and childrens orders are also available, as are custom orders in most fabrics.

Perfect for ballet, these skirts and accessories will suit all forms of dance, pilates and yoga.

Contact me via email at or DM on Facebook if you’d like your very own custom skirt!

You can also visit my Etsy store…


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